Mollie Russell-Smith

News Update: March 2019

A bit of local history & more about Mollie’s son Garnet Frost & portrait artist David Goatley…

Professional portrait artist David Goatley posted on Facebook “I’m excited that my painting, “The Regular”, has been accepted into Oil Painters of America’s 28th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils. Garnet goes to Utah! “

The Regular by David Goatley. Portrait of Garnet Frost

David wrote to me [Susie], when I asked if I could add this painting to the website, saying “I’m glad Garnet liked the portrait, it was done with a great deal of affection- he is an old friend who means a lot to me. It is set in the Bricklayers Arms, though I changed the colour of the walls from white to red. I painted it last year, based on a photograph I took when we met in 2016. You are very welcome to share it on the web site.”

“Mollie and my father must have been at Beckenham School of Art at the same time, or close to it. It seems Mollie left in 1940 to escape the blitz, while my dad only escaped the bombing by joining the navy in 1944, just in time to be at D Day. Garnet and I did life drawing together at the old art school in the late 60’s, early 70’s.”

“My mother lived in Westbury Road up until 2016. [She died in 2017.] She remembered Julie Andrews being on Cromwell Road. I well remember David Bowie and the concert in the Rec. and seeing him at the Three Tuns and occasionally in the Prompt corner café, where he was always approachable.”

News Update: January 2019

We are thrilled that the London Borough of Bromley has recognised the importance of Mollie’s work & her name now appears on a plaque outside Beckenham library between David Bowie & Julie Andrews!